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Elevate Careers,
Empower Companies.

Specialized Recruitment
& Management Services

NovaForge connects premier talents seamlessly with international companies, championing effective remote work. Specializing in software development, social media management, and innovation, we create dynamic teams beyond individual employment. Our distinctive edge lies in Turkish talent acquisition, streamlining recruitment for global firms.

What sets us apart? NovaForge goes beyond talent connection, offering end-to-end HR solutions, including payroll management and employee loyalty programs. Our holistic approach ensures a reliable business partnership, addressing talent acquisition and HR needs.

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Our Partners / References

Domain Experts, Exceptional Services

Domain Experts, Exceptional Services

Software Development

* Custom Software Solutions
* Web and Mobile App Development
* Quality Assurance and Testing
* Backend and Frontend Development
* Database Design and Management
* DevOps and Cloud Computing

Product/Project Management

* Project Planning and Execution
* Agile Methodologies
* Product Lifecycle Management
* Team Collaboration Tools
* Budgeting and Resource Allocation
* Risk Assessment and Mitigation
* Stakeholder Communication